May 2, 2016




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Cytology, Anal-Rectal

Cytology, Anal-Rectal (HCPATHM) Cytology Lab Test

Name: Cytology, Anal-Rectal

Test Name: Cytology, Anal-Rectal

Health Link Test Code: HCPATHM

LIS Test Code: PATHM

CPT Code(s): 88112

Clinical Information:

Anal-rectal cytology (ARC) is used to evaluate Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) related disease of the anal canal in at-risk populations defined as: men who have sex with men, those with HIV disease, and those with other causes of immunosuppression such as steroid therapy or organ transplantation.

Days Performed: Mon-Fri, 0800-1700.

In-Lab Turnaround Time: 1 - 2 days.

Patient Preparation:

Refrain from receptive anal intercourse or the use of intra-anal preparations 24 hours prior to the examination.

Specimen: See collection instructions.

Collection Container: ThinPrep PreservCyt Solution Vial 20 mL

Collection Instructions:

Thin Prep PreservCyt vials are available through Central Services, UWH Item #4014040.  

1. Place the patient in either the lateral recumbant or dorsal lithotomy position. 2. Insert a tap water moistened Dacron swab 5-6cm into the anal canal, past the anal verge, into the rectal vault. 3. Apply firm lateral pressure to the swab while it is rotated and slowly withdrawn from the anal canal. NOTE: Ensure adequate sampling of the transition zone between the anal and rectal mucosa. 4. Place the swab in a PreservCyt vial. Vigorously swirl/agitate the swab several times. Press the swab against the vial to release the remaining fluid. Dispose of the swab. 5. Tighten the cap beyond the torque lines on the vial. 6. Label the vial with a pre-printed patient label.

Collection Volume: 20 mL

Stability Ambient:

3 weeks

Stability Frozen:

Not Acceptable

Specimen Transport:

Place vial inside a biohazard bag with the request form in the outside pocket of the bag. Transport specimen to UWHC Core Laboratory (B4/220).

Unacceptable Criteria:

Failure to properly tighten the PreservCyt vial cap may cause loss of the specimen.


Report provides interpretation.  Contact the UWHC Cytology Lab at (608) 263-3205 for further information.

Test Limitations:

A swab of the peri-anal skin is an unsatisfactory sample for anal-rectal cytology (ARC). Abnormal findings must be correlated with history and other test results.

Additional Information:

Request form must include the patient's name, medical record number, date of birth, specimen source, collection date, clinic and phone number, clinician's full name and pager number, and pertinent clinical history