Mar 12, 2015




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Aldosterone, Urine, 24 hour

Aldosterone, Urine, 24 hour (HCUALDO) ARUP Labs #s, A-B Lab Test

Name: Aldosterone, Urine, 24 hour

Test Name: Aldosterone, Urine, 24 hour

Health Link Test Code: HCUALDO

LIS Test Code: UALDO

Testing Site: Testing will be sent to an approved reference laboratory

Link: http://www.aruplab.com/guides/ug/tests/0070480.jsp

Patient Preparation:

For testing forwarded to a reference lab, ordering provider should instruct patient using link provided.

Collection Instructions:

Only timed urine collection accepted. Add "Refrigerate" sticker to 24-hour container.


For 24-hour urine test the collection period must be within 22-26 hours. Collection period starts after first void of the period. It is very important to refrigerate specimen during and after the collection. Indicate the date and time collection started and date and time collection finished. If questions about collection process or container does not have instructions attached, call (608) 263-7060 for assistance.


Patient instructions available at www.uwhealth.org. Search for 24-hour urine collection or UWH#4339.

Specimen Transport:

After specimen collection is completed, transport entire specimen to UWHC Hospital Laboratory. Transport with coolant pack. If transport is delayed, keep specimen refrigerated.