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VLER - VA Exchange of Information

VLER - VA Exchange of Information - Clinical Hub, Tools & Resources, Health Link and Outside EHR Medical Systems, Health Information Exchange (Care Everywhere/EpicCare Link), Care Everywhere


Authorization Process

The VLER Health Program allows VA and community health care providers to share Veteran health information - in the form of a Summary of Care document - electronically and securely through VLER Health Exchange and VLER Health Direct (VA Direct).

Veterans may authorize the release of their VA medical records Summary of Care to their community health providers through VLER by signing a Veteran Authorization form 10-0485.

Authorization Form

The authorization form and additional information pertaining to VA VLER Health Information Exchange can be found online at the Department of Veterans website.

The completed authorization form should be faxed to the Madison VA Release of Information Department at (608) 830-6655 for processing.

Please note: Access is not immediate – processing time is required prior to availability.