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Health Information Exchange (Care Everywhere/EpicCare Link)

Health Information Exchange (Care Everywhere/EpicCare Link) - Clinical Hub, Tools & Resources, Health Link and Outside EHR Medical Systems


Health Information Exchange (HIE)

The Health Information Exchange Section of Health Information Management Department is responsible for the operational aspects of all health information exchange activities.  They work closely with the UW Health Information Services department in the deployment, upgrade, and daily operations of the system.  They work with outside organizations who request access to the UW Health electronic health record via Care Link, as well as UW Health physicians and staff who request access to the electronic health records of Dean/SSM, GHC and Meriter/Unity Point.

UW Health Care Link

The web-based portal used by non-UW Health providers and credentialed clinical staff that is directly involved with patient care to access the UW Health electronic medical record for treatment purposes only.  In addition, select organizations, with an approved need, may also be granted access to the UW Health patient record.

Outside organization requesting access to the UW Health Record via Care Link:

The HIE Team will:

  • Facilitate the completion of the Site Agreement
  • Review and provide approval/denial to access requests
  • Collect individual user information required for user account build
  • Work with IS for security set up and to provide passwords
  • Train physicians, staff, and Site Coordinators
  • Perform quarterly site verification review of all users
  • Provide user support for questions and user issues

UW Health clinicians requesting access to other organizations’ EpicLink:         

The HIE Team will:

  • Manage user requests re:  access to external organizations’ EpicLink application
  • Provide password reset assistance – Dean/SSM and GHC
  • Perform quarterly site verification review of all users

To request assistance please complete a Service Now Request:  

  • Go to Service now: I have a request – Information Systems - Health Link Changes               
  • Click on HIE Epic Link Access/Password

Care Everywhere

Is a nationwide network of healthcare systems designed to share patient health information with the providers who need it when they need it with the singular goal of improving patient health.  Being a member of the Care Everywhere community requires following a standard “Rules of the Road” for patient access security, report interoperability and industry standard connectivity.  Care Everywhere is designed to enhance access to the patient’s most current information, but does not provide full access to the other organization’s EHR.  For example, it is a text-based application where images, such as scanned documents, imported PDFs, or other image-based content is not viewable.  Information can be downloaded to the healthcare organizations EHR for quick reference in the future.   Non-accessible information can be obtained by contacting the healthcare organization and requesting those documents.

Care Everywhere provides both “pull” and “push” features of patient information.  The “pull” occurs when you are seeing a patient in the clinic, hospital or ED that has current information at another organization and you request that information be brought into Health Link to be reviewed.  The “push” occurs during a planned transition of care to another facility, often during a referral or discharge.  This workflow will automatically send a summary of care to the patient’s PCP or to the referred to provider.