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Researchers who are also licensed RNs and not employed by UW Health must obtain approval from the UW Health Nursing Education Department and RN Research Practice Committee prior to practicing as an RN in the UW Health clinical environment. Please refer to UW Health Policy 9.85 to access the application (found under the related tab for the policy) and additional information on this process.

Overview of the Onboarding Process:

All RNs engaged in clinical research at UW Health (who are not employed by UW Health) must submit an application. The RN Research Practice Committee will create a customized education plan based on the practice activities of the individual nurse. The education plan will consist of a combination of policy review, eLearnings, and competency demonstration. Once the plan is completed and you have been notified of approval, you may function within your RN scope of practice at UW Health for that calendar year. You will also be granted RN level Health Link access as appropriate.

If your practice activities change (such as for a new research protocol), you must submit an addendum application to the RN Research Practice Committee, which can be found under the related tab for UW Health Policy 9.85.

About the RN Research Practice Committee:

In parallel with UW Health Policy 9.85, the RN Research Practice Committee (RN RPC) was formed to oversee the RN onboarding process and is comprised of UW Health Nursing and non-UW Health research RN representatives. 


Please contact RN RPC Chair Tammy Kiger at tkiger@uwhealth.org