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Discharge Status Board

Discharge Status Board - Clinical Hub, Tools & Resources, Health Link and Outside EHR Medical Systems, Health Link Info, Tips and Training

A message from Christopher Green, MD, UWHC Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer

In order to succeed in today’s rapidly changing health care environment, UW Health is embarking on changes that position us well for the future. One particular area in need of change is our patient discharge process. This is critical in helping us improve the way we coordinate care both within and outside of our organization.

Through the work of an interdisciplinary team, a new discharge process has been developed that reproducible, well-planned, inter-disciplinary and patient- and family-focused.

To aid us in this new process, Discharge Status Boards has been installed at each unit’s nurse’s station. The Discharge Status Boards are a powerful Health Link tool that provides a real-time visual display of the discharge process, allowing each team member to plan and prioritize the work necessary for a successful and timely discharge.

Thank you for your continued support and your help in transforming the way we deliver care for our patients, their families and our community at UW Health.


 Discharge Collaborative Training Packet

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