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When placing a Behavioral Safety Alert FYI

Immediate Placement Steps

  1. Consult: with MD/s and the Nurse Manger or other involved to review facts supporting placement of a Behavioral Safety Alert FYI should be placed.
  2. Document in the Chart: this may take the form of a Behavioral Safety Note Type or a letter placed by Patient Resources. This serves at the background/safety plan/expectations for interacting with the patient.
  3. Place the Actual FYI: Clear and concise factual statement of purpose/instructions for FYI. Refer to the template of examples for options. The FYI should direct the employee to the note/letter.
  4. PCP/Specialist notified via drop box, re:pt message or email. The PCP if not directly involved should be notified and this should be documented in the chart and included in the letter to the patient.
  5. Email to the Behavioral Safety Alert Review Committee (there is an email group for this committee): Please include information that a FYI was placed for patient including medical record number (MRN).

Review Steps

  1. Initial Review: Behavioral Safety Alert FYI Committee Reviews the FYI via email and makes suggestions, edits are performed only by UWMF Patient Resources/UWHC Patient Relations.
  2. UWMF Patient Resources or UWHC Patient Relations formally notifies the patient in writing that a Behavioral Safety Alert FYI has been placed in their MR and may outline behavioral expectations and consequences if not followed.
  3. All Behavioral Safety Alert FYIs are reviewed at the Quarterly Behavioral Safety Alert FYI Committee at least every 6 months; review includes appropriateness and content of the FYI.