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Admitting Providers

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General Guidelines

  1. Check the list of clinics admitting, below. If the patients’ clinic is not on that list, we DO NOT admit. Note that two clinics (Access and Fitchburg) are not exclusively Family Medicine (this is noted in the list). We do NOT admit for non-family medicine providers.
  2. Check the list of providers indexed below to confirm that provider is one for whom Family Medicine Admits. Note that occasionally, patients will be listed under the name of a graduated resident or an attending who has left the clinic and would still qualify. However, the family medicine clinic still must be on the list below.
  3. If uncertain, go to www.uwhealth.org and use the Find a Doctor tool to search for the doctor. Key in the doctor or clinic in question. When the clinic comes up, you can select the Providers link on the bottom right. Verify that the provider is indeed listed as “Family Medicine.”

Clinics Admitting to UW Hospital Family Medicine Service

Note: Family Medicine is no longer admitting for the following clinics: Beaver Dam, Columbus, Fort Atkinson, Horicon, Palmyra, Portage, and Stoughton.