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Drug/Alcohol Management

Drug/Alcohol Management - Clinical Hub, References, Level I Adult Trauma Center Manual, Practice Guidelines


Every patient who is medically appropriate will be screened by nursing staff and receive and AUDIT-C score. This is populated onto the Trauma patient list.

Patients who score below a 6 are provided with a health facts for you by nursing on discharge.

Every patient who scores between 6-8 is automatically seen by the Learning Center for a Brief Intervention. This is a requirement for discharge. If it is the weekend and the Learning Center is not available; the CTL’s are able to provide this intervention. If the patient will be discharging and has not yet received the intervention, a learning center consult can be placed and nursing can call to inform them of the impending discharge.

If a patient scores above an 8, they should receive an AODA consult prior to discharge. If a counselor is not available a consult should be placed as we are tracking the number of patients who are not provided with this resource because of staffing.  If the patient qualifies for an AODA consult and there is not a counselor available a brief intervention should be performed.

If a patient is not medically appropriate to receive a brief intervention prior to discharge; a provider should enter an “alcohol brief intervention” note and indicate that it was not medically appropriate to provide the intervention.

It is always appropriate to change the intervention needed based on clinical judgement regardless of AUDIT-C score.