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Progress Notes

Progress Notes - Clinical Hub, References, Comprehensive Stroke Program, UW Neurology/Stroke Service Resident Orientation Manual


Progress notes should summarize the above data, and the assessment and plan determined on rounds. There is a rounding navigator in Health Link and templated SmartText for daily progress notes and status change notes (“I was called to the bedside because . . .”) Screenshots for these are below.

If the patient has developed any tPA, endovascular, or other stroke treatment-related complications, please click “Yes” in the rounding navigator, which will then prompt you to identify the complication. A fresh NIHSS score is required the day after tPA or endovascular treatment and any time a new complication arises. While certainly acceptable, it is NOT required to perform a full NIHSS every day; more important is a good neurological exam.

stroke rounding navigator

smarttext for various notes