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Clinical Hub,References,Comprehensive Stroke Program,UW Neurology/Stroke Service Resident Orientation Manual

Discharge and Follow-up

Discharge and Follow-up - Clinical Hub, References, Comprehensive Stroke Program, UW Neurology/Stroke Service Resident Orientation Manual


Most patients should follow-up with their primary physicians at their earliest convenience and in stroke clinic with Megan Feil, PA in 1-2 weeks. A phone call to the primary care physician is always encouraged, and mandatory when starting warfarin to ensure that the INRs are properly monitored. A phone call to the PCP is also highly encouraged when discharging his patient to a nursing home.

Patients who enroll in S-PEP or are seen by the inpatient neuropsychology service during their hospitalization should follow-up in the multidisciplinary stroke clinic. This clinic occurs on Monday afternoons, right after the noon stroke conference. The patients are re-tested by neuropsychology prior to being seen by the stroke midlevel or physicians, and also meet with PT regarding their exercise regimens.

Orders must be written for outpatient PT, OT, speech, and swallow follow-up as recommended by the inpatient therapists. Patients assessed to be at high risk for coronary events should be referred to preventive cardiology.