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Clinical Hub,References,PASS: Adult Preprocedure Assessment SAFE Service

Implanted Device Managment

Implanted Device Managment - Clinical Hub, References, PASS: Adult Preprocedure Assessment SAFE Service


Implanted Non-Cardiac Devices

Arrangement for management of these devices is the responsibility of the surgical clinic/team (per Dr. Heise)

Implanted Cardiac Devices

The process for notifying the UWHC Heart and Vascular Care Pacemaker nurses regarding ICD/Pacer patients has changed from the older paper/fax form to a electronic order.

Place an order encounter and enter either "ICD" or "Pacemaker" and select "Preop Device...." This order will automatically come to the Pacemaker Nurse Inbasket. Placing the order gives time to prepare and obtain the patients device information and not delay surgery start time (don't sign and hold order or put in as an inpatient order- this order needs to be released immediately to come to the proper InBasket).

How to obtain Heart And Vascular Care (HVC) Services