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Cardiovascular Evaluation Guidelines

Cardiovascular Evaluation Guidelines - Clinical Hub, References, PASS: Adult Preprocedure Assessment SAFE Service


The primary cause of preventable delays/postponements for procedures is a problematic cardiovascular evaluation. Close attention to evaluation of patients with cardiac risk factors is essential.

How to obtain Heart And Vascular Care (HVC) Services

Clinical CV risk factors include:

CV Screening Tools

Cardiac Assessment Algorithm

ACC/AHA: Noninvasive Stress Testing Before Non-Cardiac Surgery

Increasing myocardial oxygen demand (by pacing or intravenous dobutamine) and inducing hyperemic responses by pharmacologic vasodilators (e.g., intravenous dipyridamole or adenosine [Adenocard]) are the two main methods for preoperative assessment of non-cardiac surgery patients who cannot exercise or who have low activity tolerance/capability (< 4 METS). 

General Cardiac Evaluation Recommendations

Preop Cardiac Workup and Monitoring for EVAR, FEVAR, TEVAR, TAA, Infra-renal Aortic Surgery