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Clinical Hub,References,Laboratory Services,Laboratories Policy and Procedure Manual (UWMF)

Health Link/Beaker Procedure Manual

Health Link/Beaker Procedure Manual - Clinical Hub, References, Laboratory Services, Laboratories Policy and Procedure Manual (UWMF)


A. Introduction

B. Order Entry/Order Inquiry

C. Order Entry/Order Inquiry - HealthLink UWMF Special Orders

D. Specimen Receiving/Collection Information

E. Specimen Processing

F. Packing Lists

G. Result Entry

H. Miscellaneous

I. Reporting - HealthLink EL Activity Reports

J. Reporting - HealthLink EL Reporting Workbench Reports

K. Reporting - Healthlink EL Clarity Based Reports

L. Quality Control

M. Reference Labs

N. Proficiency Testing

O. Downtime

P. PowerPoints

Adding slide scan information to hemogram results 082908

Pyridium/grossly blood urine mnemonics