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Key Points


Patient specific risk factors and response must be taken into consideration, however, in general a maximum duration of 7 days should be considered:



  1. Use piperacillin/tazobactam 3.375gm IV via prolonged infusion when clinically appropriate. This includes for MOST infections. We are able to use the ADDvantage system to infuse this dosage.
  2. For patients >120kg (who historically would have received 4.5gm) change to 13.5gm continuous infusion. This is administered in a 1000ml bag.
  3. For patients who cannot tolerate the fluid associated with 1000ml, use 4.5gm IV via prolonged infusion. We have a small supply of ADDvantage adaptors available; however, we need to conserve adaptors when possible. The pip/tazo 4.5gm ADDvantage vial (does not need adaptor) is unavailable.
  4. Patients with cystic fibrosis should receive piperacillin/tazobactam 18.5gm IV via continuous infusion.

Comments About Continuous Infusion

  1. Patients beginning a continuous infusion de novo, should receive a loading dose of pip/tazo 3.375gm IV x1. The continuous infusion should begin 4 hours after the loading dose.
  2. Patients transitioning from prolonged or intermittent infusion can begin continuous infusion immediately.
  3. MedsManagement is aware and we are working on a solution to the continuous infusion ordering. Currently, the infusion does not populate the nurses MAR under continuous infusions. We hope to have a solution in the near future.


ADD-Vantage System

Duplex System


Medication Dispensing Changes

If they do not update their pumps, the new concentrations will not be available. If you get questions as to why they can’t see the new concentrations, instruct them to update the pump:

  1.  Power the pump off. If unable to power off due to continuous infusions running, they may need to get a different pump unit to set up with the new library
  2.  Restart the pump
  3.  Select “New patient” (even if they plan to use the pump on their current patient)
  4.  Ensure the library name “UWHealth 2017.11.06” displays on the blue bar across the home screen. This indicates the new library is updated and active.


ADD-Vantage System

Duplex System

Duplex System Video


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