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Inpatient Diabetes Quality Committee

Inpatient Diabetes Quality Committee - Clinical Hub, References, Inpatient Diabetes Management


The Inpatient Diabetes Management committee photoThe Inpatient Diabetes Quality Committee was chartered by the Regulatory Accreditation and External Reporting Committee to lead a coordinated effort to improve the quality and safety of diabetes care for patients hospitalized at UWHC. 


Gwen Klinkner, MS, RN, APRN, BC-ADM, CDE, Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist and Vanessa Rein, MD 

Program Objectives

FY16 Goals

Performance Measures

Performance MeasureGoal
Hemoglobin A1C  80% of patients who meet criteria for A1C testing will have a hemoglobin A1C checked during hospitalization or within 90 days of admission.
Hypoglycemia Monitoring  90% of patients that have a hypoglycemic event will have a point of care glucose check resulted within 30 minutes of the initial point of care glucose value.
Patient Education 90% of patients with a new diabetes diagnosis or an A1C > 9% will have patient education outcomes documented.
Patient Days with Hyperglycemia The number of patient days with hyperglycemia will be <25% as defined by ≥3 blood glucoses greater than 180 mg/dL in the past 24 hours).
Other Measures
Diabetes Follow-Up Appointment Documentation ≥90% of diabetes discharges will have discharge appointment documentation completed prior to discharge
Hypoglycemia Cause >60% of hypoglycemia episodes will have related documentation indicating a contributing cause.
Patient Satisfaction >80% of patients will give a rating of “strongly agree” on the Diabetes Program Patient Satisfaction Survey.


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