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Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Prevention

Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Prevention - Clinical Hub, References, Infection Control, Infection Control, Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)


SSI Prevention: Much More than a game

SSI prevention

Who we are

Currently, the organization’s greatest quality improvement goal is the reduction and prevention of hospital acquired infections (HAIs), which includes surgical site infections. When we compare ourselves to other institutions, we are underperforming.

Steering Team

The improvement work to reduce SSIs is under the direction of the SSI Steering Team. The purpose of the steering team is to provide input, guidance, and direction regarding the development, implementation, and sustainment of the SSI Prevention Bundle processes at UW Health.

SSI Prevention Bundle

The SSI Prevention Bundle includes science evidenced-based strategies to decrease the bacterial load/contamination of the skin, optimize the control of the patient’s body temperature, and optimize the control of the patient’s blood glucose levels, which when bundled together decrease the chances of a patient developing a surgical site infection. These measures are summarized in the SSI Prevention Bundle table.


The improvement work has been initially divided into five workgroups. These workgroups will inform decisions and provide input to the Steering Team.

Primary Aim Statements

Secondary Aim Statements



Aseptic Technique Principles

Dress Code in the Department of Surgical Services

Hand Hygiene

Immediate Use Steam (Flash) Sterilization in the UW Operating Room

Preparation of the Surgical Site: Clipping and Prep

Sterile Gowning and Closed Gloving

Traffic Control in Surgical Services

Guidelines and Recommendations


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