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AccuMax Quantum Guidelines and Reference Guide

AccuMax Quantum Guidelines and Reference Guide - Clinical Hub, References, Emergency Department Resources, RN Resources


accumax1AccuMax Quantum Control Unit CU2 Control Panel


  1. Main Power Switch: Push to “on,” the control unit will begin filling the mattress as well as beginning the alternating function. Pushing to “off” will turn off power and indicator will cease to illuminate.
  2. Comfort Control Knob: Allows the caregiver to adjust the firmness of the mattress to maximize patient comfort. Set between 5-6 for 85% of patients. See below guidelines.
  3. Normal Pressure LED: When green LED lights up, the pressure inside of mattress has reached the desired position.
  4. Max Inflate Push Button: Pressing the button suspends the alternating mode and fills all air sectors to the firmest level. Wait 2-3 min. Used to move heavy patient off surface. Pressing again will return surface to alternation. The Max Inflate mode automatically returns to alternation mode to insure patient safety after 22 min.
  5. Low Pressure LED: When illuminated, the air pressure inside the mattress is below the normal range. When the mattress is first being inflated, this LED will remain illuminated until mattress reaches normal inflation range. If this LED remains consistently lit, make sure that connections to the mattress are correct.


Soft/Firm Controls

Air Tube Attachment to the Mattress and Control Unit

Mattress Side

  • Locate the “airport” on the side near the foot end of the mattress. Looking at the mattress from the foot end, it will be located on the left side of the mattress.
  • With the ends of the air hoses with the valves, attach the hoses until an audible “click” can be heard.
  • To remove the air hoses, depress the tab on the connector which will release the hoses from their locked-in position.


Control Unit Side

  • With the exposed ends of the air tubes, simply press the hoses on to the receptacles of the control unit. This “friction fit” will hold the hoses securely to the control unit.
  • To remove, pull on the hoses.