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Inpatient to the ED

Inpatient to the ED - Clinical Hub, References, Emergency Department Resources, EDC Resources


A patient admitted to an Inpatient unit needs to have an ED eval.

Select Today’s Patients from the tool bar.

Today's Patients

Type in the Patient’s name. Highlight the patient in the report.

Today's Patients Report

The patient’s information will appear on the right hand side.

Patient Information

Highlight the box and click "Transfer."

Patient Information - Transfer

You will be taken to the transfer screen. Click the magnifying glass next to Unit.

Transfer screen

Search for the ED by typing "E" and hit enter. You will be given two options. Always select the second option, 22122.

Transfer - Unit Select

Then click on the magnifying glass next to room. Select the appropriate room if you know which room the patient is going to. If the patient is going to the Waiting Room, select WR1.

Transfer - Room

Click "Transfer."

Transfer - Click Transfer

The patient will now be in the ED in the room you selected.

Waiting Room