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Vomiting Infant US Guidelines

Vomiting Infant US Guidelines - Clinical Hub, References, Emergency Department Resources, Emergency Department Pediatric Resources


WHY: to improve quality of care provided to patients by: 

WHO: infants 1 year old or less, presenting to the emergency department with NON-BILIOUS emesis who require further diagnostic imaging.

Vomiting Infant US Guidelines

HOW: by ordering the "Ultrasound-Vomiting Infant" protocol which is now available in Epic for Emergency Department Physicians.

BACKGROUND: The advantages of ultrasound in the pediatric population are well known: 1-3 

In addition, ultrasound has been well demonstrated to be a highly effective test for each of the diagnoses this protocol examines (PPV-positive predictive value, NPV-negative predictive value):

Pyloric Stenosis1, 4-8 90-100% 91-100% 94-100% 95% 
Intussusception1,4, 9-13 97.5-100% 88-100% 87-99%  90-100%
Malrotation and Volvulus14-15 70-86.5% 74-96% 62% 96-97% 
UPJ Obstruction16-17 98% 74-78%  70% 98% 


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