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Internal Process

Internal Process - Clinical Hub, References, Emergency Department Resources, Coroner Case Registrations


Patients that pass away in the ED, and the Coroner takes the patient for exams.

1. The Radiology Tech will inform EDC that the patient that passed away in the ED needs a coroner account attached (they may phrase it as a coroner case registration).
2. Highlight the correct patient and click "registration."
3. Click on "Guarantor Accounts" and then select "Add Guarantor Account"

Add Guarantor Account

4. In the "Guarantor" field, type in the Dane County Coroner’s Number. The number to use is: 920000070. Change Account Type to "Special Billing-Statements."

Account Information

Click "Search/New." You will get one option: highlight it and click "Accept."

Matching Accounts

5. This account will now be listed under Guarantor Accounts. Do NOT attach the coroner account to the HAR. Double check to make sure the Personal/Family Account is still attached to the HAR. Under Hospital Accounts, click "EMR."

Hospital Accounts

6. Click "Change Guarantor."

Change Guarantor

7. The P/F account should be checked.

Change Guarantor