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Discharge Order for Coroner Cases

Discharge Order for Coroner Cases - Clinical Hub, References, Emergency Department Resources, Coroner Case Registrations


Patients that pass away in the ED and the Coroner takes the patient for exams.

1. Open the patient's chart and click on "Orders."

Chart - Orders

2. Under Discharge Orders, type in Skeletal and click "Search."

Discharge Orders

3. Always select X-Ray Post Mortem Skeletal Survey-Infant.

select X-Ray Post Mortem Skeletal

4. You will be taken to the following screen:

X-Ray Post Mortem Skeletal Survey - Infant

The fields will always be filled in the same way with the following information:

Dx Assoc: Death

Relevant recent/past history?

5. Click "Accept," then click "Sign Orders."

6. "Ordering Provider" has to be the coroner. Type in "Irman" in the order provider field and Barry Irman will populate in that field, and the "For Procedures" field. "Medications" field has to be populated with the ED Attending who saw the patient.

Click "Accept."

Order Mode / Ordering Provider / Authorizing Providers

7. A warning will pop up asking if you want to accept the order. Click "Yes."

Accept These Orders Anyway? Yes

8. The order will now be under Discharge Orders.

Discharge Order complete