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Atrium Mini

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Atrium Mini 500

The Atrium “Mini” does not require being connected to suction. Are often placed in patient with small pneumothorax and will be DISCHARGED.

Air Leak Detection - Atrium Mini 500

Change Atrium 500 to 2nd Atrium 500

Just like Pleurevac except you don’t have to fill any chambers unless checking for air leak. Make sure it is clamped for the changeover and then unclamped at the end.

Atrium Mini 500 Features

 Emptying the Atrium 500

Key Points for Setting up Atrium Mini 500: 

  1. Connect tube (one way valve). Kit/Box contains variety of connectors
  2. No need for suction.
  3. If need to check for airleak:
    • If fluid in collection chamber, just tip on side and look for bubbling in. No bubbling = No airleak
    • If NO fluid in collection chamber, add10-20 mL sterile normal saline and follow procedure above (tip on side—observe for air leak).
  4. If need to empty contents-attached large syringe to port and suck out. If blocked with clots-add some water to flush out the clots and pour contents out.
  5. Patient Teaching-Keep attached at all times.






HFFY 6603 - Care after your chest tube is connected to the Atrium 500