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Adult Orthopedic Guidelines

Adult Orthopedic Guidelines - Clinical Hub, References, Emergency Department Resources


When consulting Orthopedic Surgery, please ensure: 

  1. The fracture requires orthopedic intervention (please see inclusion and exclusion criteria for ED only management below).
  2. Attempt to complete the following actions prior to consultation:
    1. Patient seen and examined by ED staff
    2. Dressings removed if safe
    3. Appropriate x-rays completed
    4. IV placed in non-injured extremity
  3. Consider use of the orthopedic treatment orderset “ED-Orthopedic Consult Preparation-Adult” in conjunction with speaking to the orthopedic consultant.
  4. If orthopedic consultation is delayed more than 60 minutes after the consult is placed, please contact the backup orthopedic senior resident and/or orthopedic staff to assist the Emergency Department.

 Inclusion Criteria for fractures to be managed by the ED only 

Exclusion Criteria that Require Orthopedic Evaluation in the ED 

 Upper Extremity: 

 Lower Extremity: 

 Back Pain:

Nondisplaced Pubic Rami Fractures: