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Bariatric Resource Grid

Bariatric Resource Grid - Clinical Hub, References


Radiology Tables 

Weight Limit/Size


450 lbs.


350 lbs.

MRI (open bore at Research Park)

500 lbs.

Nuclear Medicine

330-440 lbs. depending on unit

General Radiology

300-500 lbs. depending on unit

GI with table movement

500 lbs.

GI without table movement

440 lbs.


297-550 lbs. depending on unit

Cardiac Cath Lab Table  400-500 lbs depending on room used 
Ultrasound Stretcher 500 lbs.
Stereotactic Machine- Breast Imaging 280 lbs.
CS Equipment 


Standard wheelchair (older)

250 lbs. – 16 in. width

Standard wheelchair (newer)

350 lbs. – 20 in. width

XL wheelchair

450 lbs. & 650 lbs.

Large commode

1000 lbs.

Large hoyer

650 lbs.

Bariatric walker

750 lbs.

Gowns (cloth)


Gowns (disposable)


Room Equipment 


Folding Shower Seats 330 lbs.

Stryker (regular bed)–for weighing

500 lbs.

Stryker mattress

Pressure reducing up to 320 lbs.

Bari Rehab Platform II Bed (rental bed)

1000 lbs.

Room toilet

500 lbs.

Room toilet with reinforcement 1000 lbs.

Standing scale (Health O Meter)

400 lbs.

Atmos Air Overlay (rental)

500 lbs.

Air Assisted Transfer Device (HoverMatt or Air Pal) 1200 lbs.

39” HoverSling- Combination seated sling and HoverMatt

1000 lbs vertical capacity
1200 pounds lateral capacity

Bariatric XXL Safe Patient Handling Sheet (for use with 1000 lb ceiling lift)

1200 lbs.

OR Equipment


Standard OR Table

1000 lbs.

Neuro/Trauma OR Table 800 lbs.
Urology/PV Table 500 lbs.
OR 22/ Hybrid OR Fixed Table 440 lbs.
Neuro/Ortho Maquet Table 495 lbs.

Mizuho/OSI Jackson Table

500 lbs.

Instruments, trochars

Available in long sizes

Housewide Equipment


Bari-Lift and Transfer System (built in scale)

1000 lbs.