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Inpatient Pediatric Sedation Requests to the Diagnostic and Therapy Center (DTC)

Inpatient Pediatric Sedation Requests to the Diagnostic and Therapy Center (DTC) - Clinical Hub, References, AFCH/Pediatric Resources , Pediatric Sedation


  1. Make patient NPO!
  2. Place IV and administer IV fluids.
  3. Complete
    • Important: Complete contact information
  4. Submit to the DTC
    • Directly deliver request to DTC Coordinator
    • Call DTC Coordinator @ 2-4402 and tube request to station 911
  5. For radiology requests: Have inpatient ward HUC enter any radiology orders ASAP.
  6. For other procedures (e.g. PICC lines, LPs): Determine availability of individual performing requested procedure.
  7. Assure that a family member (individual that can consent) is available in person (preferable) or by phone.
    • Once the information is received, the request will be processed by the DTC.
    • Our goal is to accommodate all Inpatient Pediatric Sedation requests.
    • In the event we cannot conduct the sedation due to illness severity issues or scheduling problems, we will facilitate directing the request to another service.
    • The requesting service will be notified at that time and informed of any contacts that need to be made.


  1. Patients and Procedures that should be sent directly to anesthesia: DVI procedures, MRI in patients < 3 months of age, OSA (unless minimal sedation required)
  2. Enteral midazolam can be given on the wards for ASA 1 & 2 patients as long as there is an identified staff MD.