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Standards of Patient Care

Standards of Patient Care - Clinical Hub, References, Adult Moderate Sedation Topics


UWHC Sedation Policy #8.38 defines the minimum standard of care for all adult patients receiving sedation for procedures throughout the hospital and clinics.

Patients "at-risk" include any patient meeting one or more of the following criteria:

According to these guidelines, examples of patients "at-risk" include patients:

For high-risk patient populations, consultation with an anesthesiologist is desirable. Characteristics of patients that may be inappropriate for moderate sedation include:

If you have questions about whether medications used in your clinical area qualify as sedation, please talk with your section chief or supervisor. Yopu may also consult UWHC Policy and Procedure #8.38. 

Procedures with Sedation 

Sedation occurs in settings throughout the institution. This includes general and critical care patient care units, Ambulatory Procedure Center, operating rooms, radiology suites and clinics. 

Common adult procedures performed with sedation include (but are not limited to):

Off-Site Sedation 

Sedation provided inside the hospital is supported by the Blue Cart Team, which can be reached at 2-0000. 

All off-site locations must be approved for administration of moderate sedation. Any physician providing sedation off-site must have current ACLS certification including advanced airway management skills. In the event of an off-site emergency, activate EMS services via 911.