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Airway Management

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The responsible physician must be certified in health care provider CPR, or have ACLS or ATLS Certification, or by completion of a special airway management course. This includes knowledge of and demonstrated skill in jaw thrust, chin lift and mouth-to-mask ventilation. 

In addition, the sedation team shall have immediate access to support from the Department of Anesthesiology or the Blue Cart Team during procedures performed in the hospital. 

Any physician providing sedation off-site must have current ACLS certification including advanced airway management skills. The physician providing sedation off-site must be able to immediately treat the patient who experiences complications including recovering any patient falling into deep sedation. This physician must be specifically credentialed to provide sedation in sites outside the response area of the Blue Cart Team. In the event of an off-site emergency, activate EMS services via 911. 

Continuous patient assessment and emergency preparedness are critical interventions to minimize negative patient outcomes when administering sedation. Resuscitative equipment including suction, oxygen, appropriately sized mask and airways, resuscitation bag, pulse oximeter, and specific reversal agents must be readily available.