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Top 5 Things to Remember Right After Your Transplant (7331)

Top 5 Things to Remember Right After Your Transplant (7331) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Transplant


Top 5 Things to Remember Right after Your Transplant

1. Medicines - Take as directed
ξ Anti-rejection: Myfortic®, Prednisone, Tacrolimus
ξ See binder for list of medicines to avoid.

2. Labs
ξ Take standing order with you the first time you go to lab.
ξ Do two times weekly (Monday and Thursday).

3. Tacrolimus level
ξ Get this lab drawn on Mondays with other labs.
ξ Labs should be drawn 12 hours after Sunday night Tacrolimus dose.
ξ On Monday morning, take Tacrolimus after lab draw.

4. Home care
ξ Every day: Check your weight, blood pressure, pulse, and temperature.
ξ Activity: Don’t lift more than 10 pounds. It is good to walk and use stairs.

5. Transplant Clinic visits
ξ Do labs 1.5 hours before appointment. Bring your record book and med list to clinic.
ξ Appointments at two weeks and six weeks after discharge.
ξ Six week appointment includes stent removal (kidney transplants). Take Cipro one
hour before this visit.

Contact Information
1. Your coordinator is _______________________, phone ________________________
2. General office number is (608) 263-1384.
3. After hours: For transplant questions that can’t wait, call (608) 263-6400 and ask for the
Transplant nurse on call.
4. Emergencies, call 911.

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