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Visiting Guidelines for Family: First Day Surgery (7603)

Visiting Guidelines for Family: First Day Surgery (7603) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Surgery


Visiting Guidelines for Family
First Day Surgery

Welcome to First Day Surgery!

You will check into First Day Surgery (FDS) before your surgery. While you are here in FDS,
we will help you get ready for your surgery. You may have family with you when you arrive.
We welcome all family members on your day of surgery; but due to limited space. You will
need to choose one person as your primary support person. This is the only person who may
stay with you from check-in time until you go to surgery. When choosing a primary support
person, keep in mind that this person will hear your private health information.

Other family members and friends will be in the waiting room while you are getting ready. After
the check-in process is complete, we are happy to bring them into your FDS room for a short 5
minute visit. After this visit, we will show them to the Surgical Waiting area on the 2nd floor.
Your primary support person will join your family and friends in the Surgical Waiting area when
you go to the operating room.

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