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Modified Bowel Prep - Surgery Clinic (6039)

Modified Bowel Prep - Surgery Clinic (6039) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Surgery


Modified Bowel Prep - Surgery Clinic

Do not use this prep if you have kidney or heart failure. Please call us if you have these problems.
A few days before your bowel prep, go to your local drugstore and buy: (circle number needed)

1 or 2 bottles magnesium citrate/10 oz ea.

The Day before Surgery
ξ Eat a light breakfast and lunch. Avoid greasy foods and red meat.
ξ Drink only clear liquids after lunch.
o Water, sparkling water or soda
o Broth
o Juice without pulp (apple, grape)
o Popsicles
o Gatorade G3 Recover /silver label
Bottle only (+ protein)

o Clear Jell-O (no fruit, etc. in it) NO
Jell-O cups
o Coffee or tea, no creamer
o Gatorade
o Crystal Light

After lunch, do not eat food; do not drink juice with pulp, dairy products, or alcohol.

_____ 2:00 pm drink magnesium citrate 1 bottle. It is best to drink it chilled. Magnesium citrate may
give you loose stools and some cramping. It could take from 30 minutes – 8 hours to work. You
may have frequent bowel movements for several hours after drinking it.

_____ 3:00 pm drink a second bottle of magnesium citrate 10 oz. You may have frequent bowel
movements for several hours after drinking it.

_____ Shower before bed and in the morning before leaving home with Hibiclens®

The day before surgery, clear liquids only after lunch.
Nothing to drink the last 4 hours before surgery

Phone Numbers
Surgery Clinic: (608) 263-7502. This is a 24-hour number.
After hours, holidays and weekends ask for the doctor on call for Dr. _________________________.
Leave your name and phone number with the area code. We will call you back.
Toll Free: 800-323-8942.

The Spanish version of this Health Facts for You is #6553

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