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Rectal Exam under Anesthesia (with pouch) (4756)

Rectal Exam under Anesthesia (with pouch) (4756) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Surgery


Rectal Exam under Anesthesia (with pouch)

This is an exam of the rectum and ileal pouch while you are asleep under anesthesia.

Bowel Prep
You will need to empty your pouch before the exam. Buy 1 sodium phosphate enema at a

The Day before the Exam

 Eat a light breakfast, lunch and dinner. Avoid greasy foods and red meat.
 Drink only clear liquids after dinner.

o Water
o Clear Broth
o Juice with no pulp (apple)
o Crystal Light
o Popsicles
o Hard candy
o Special K2O protein water
o Jell-O homemade from box only, no fruit in it
o Sparkling water or soda
o Coffee or tea, no creamer
o Gatorade

▪ Shower before bed with Hibiclens soap as instructed by your clinic.

You may have clear liquids 4 hours prior to the surgery. No solid foods after midnight the evening
before the surgery.

The Day of the Exam
Gently, give yourself the rectal enema 1-1½ hours before you leave for the hospital. Shower.

After the Exam
Your care after the exam will depend on the findings. If you had a dilation, you may be able to
return to your normal routine in 1-2 days or you may need to follow more strict guidelines.

▪ Activity as tolerated.
▪ There may be restriction to activity depending what was done during the exam.
▪ Follow up will be determined by the surgeon.

Pain Relief
You may have pain after your exam. Your doctor may order pain pills for you.

When to Call the Doctor

▪ Problems having a bowel movement.
▪ Temperature by mouth over 100.4 θF for two readings taken four hours apart.
▪ Pain not relieved by pain pills.
▪ Bleeding that does not stop after 10 minutes of applied pressure to the rectal area.

Phone Numbers

Digestive Health Center: (608) 890-5000.

After hours, weekends or holidays this number will be answered by the paging operator. Ask
for the doctor on call. Leave your name and phone number with area code. The doctor will call
you back.

If you live out of the area, call (855) 342-9900.

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