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Options at Hospital Discharge (6945)

Options at Hospital Discharge (6945) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Stroke


Options at Hospital Discharge

We would like you to begin working toward recovery right away. Staff will work
with you to set up goals. Below are some of the discharge options you may be
Rehab Options
▪ This involves a transfer to a hospital rehab center that will
provide intense therapy.
▪ You will stay overnight in this place.
▪ In this program, you must have a certain number of skilled
rehab needs and be able to do therapy for 3 hours per day.

Facility (SNF)
with rehab
▪ This setting also provides rehab therapy.
▪ You will stay overnight in this place.
▪ It allows you to move along at a slower pace and build up
strength for a more intense program, or for return to home.

Care Hospital
▪ This setting meets needs of patients who need a lot of medical
and nursing care.
▪ You will stay overnight in this place.
▪ Rehab is less intense.
▪ Those with a brain injury and long-term breathing problems
may need this option.

▪ Patients would receive therapy at a clinic 1-2 times per week
(or more).

▪ These programs are for those who need more intense therapy,
often 2 or more types (PT, OT, or Speech), but can live at
▪ A person spends a portion of the day getting therapy.

Home Care ▪ A therapist comes to the home 1-2 times a week.
▪ Patients must be homebound as defined by Medicare.

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