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Signs of Stroke (5810)

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Signs of Stroke

Stroke is an emergency! Get the care you need in the time you need it.
Stroke symptoms come on suddenly. When someone is having signs you want to:

B.E. F.A.S.T !

B – Balance Is there a sudden loss of balance or coordination?
ξ To check, ask the person to walk in a straight line
or touch their finger to their nose.

E – Eyes Are there sudden vision changes?
ξ To check, ask if the person has double vision or
cannot see out of one eye.

F – Face Does one side of the face droop?
ξ To check, ask the person to smile.

A – Arm Does one arm drift downward?
ξ To check, ask the person to raise both arms.

S – Speech Are the words slurred? Is speech confused?
ξ To check, ask the person to repeat a sentence.

T – Time When was the person last seen looking or acting normally?
ξ Call 911! Time is Brain.

Quick treatment may save your life or prevent disability. Even if your symptoms lessen or go
away, call for help.

The Spanish version of this Health Facts for You is #6399

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If you believe someone is having a stroke, call 911
The other signs that can signal a stroke include:
ξ Sudden numbness or weakness of any body part, often on one side of the body
ξ Sudden trouble walking because of dizziness
ξ Sudden severe headache for no reason