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Vest for Airway Clearance (5464)

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Vest for Airway Clearance

The airway clearance vest helps remove mucus from the lungs. The system includes a chest vest,
an air pulse delivery machine, and flexible hoses.

The vest is custom fitted and fits over the chest. The flexible hoses link the vest to the air
delivery device. When the air delivery device is turned on, it forces air into the vest until it is
full. The inflation of the vest is adjusted by the pressure setting. Then bursts of air cause the
vest to pulsate around the entire chest. The speed of the air pulses is adjusted by the frequency
setting. Mucus is moved from the bottom to the top of the lungs so it can be coughed out.

1. Plug in the power cord.
2. Put on custom vest, snap all of the clips and adjust the shoulder straps.
3. Connect the tubing from the air delivery device to the vest.
4. Push the power button “on”.
5. Adjust the pressure control to the level the physician has prescribed.
6. Adjust the frequency control to the setting that the physician has prescribed.
7. Set the timer to the prescribed time setting.
8. Start the pulsations by pressing the power button again.
9. Do a “huff” cough 3 times between each vest level. To huff cough, take a deep breath and
hold it for 1-3 seconds. Then force the air out or your lungs and say the word “huff” at the
same time or do a normal cough.

Below are the vest settings your doctor has prescribed for you.
1st Setting Frequency: Pressure: Time:
2nd Setting Frequency: Pressure: Time:
3rd Setting Frequency: Pressure: Time:

Maintenance & Cleaning
Once a week wipe down the vest and air pulse delivery system with a household disinfectant.
The filter on the back of the air pulse delivery system should have all dust removed weekly as

If you need a different size vest or have questions or problems regarding your equipment, call
your Home Medical Equipment provider phone number listed on the vest machine.

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