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Compartment Release Surgery Home Exercise Program (4626)

Compartment Release Surgery Home Exercise Program (4626) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, PVS


Compartment Release Surgery Home Exercise Program

This program is designed to help you return to your normal level of activity. It is a sequence of
events that will take away much of the guesswork as to what your activity level should be.

REMEMBER: Pain and swelling is the key. If either is present, you
are doing too much, or you are not ready to move onto the next step.

If you have little or no swelling and/or
48 hours after surgery
1. Begin active movement. Move your foot
and ankle through entire range of
motion. Do 1 set of 25 repetitions, four
times daily.
▪ Dorsiflexion – Move the top of your
foot toward your leg, stretching the
back of the leg.
▪ Plantarflexion – Move the top of
your foot away from your leg,
relaxing the back of the leg and
stretching the front of the leg.
▪ Eversion – Move your toes and foot
outward at the ankle (away from the
centerline of your body).
▪ Inversion – Move your toes and feet
toward each other at the ankles.

2. Walk as tolerated.

3. Apply ice to the surgical area 3-4 times
daily for 15 minutes per time.

Return Visits
You will need to return to the Peripheral
Vascular Surgery (PVS) Clinic at UW

Health West Clinic on Junction Road at 2
days, 1 week, 2 weeks and 4-8 weeks after
your surgery.

When you have full pain-free range of
1. Begin heel cord stretching. Stand facing
a wall. Place the palms of your hands on
the wall. Keep your feet shoulder-width
apart. Slowly lean forward, keep your
heels on the floor until elbows touch the
wall. Hold for one minute. Relax for 30
seconds, repeat twice.
2. In about 2-3 weeks you will begin light
strengthening exercises. In 4-6 weeks,
progression of strengthening. In 8-12
weeks, impact/sport training. Please
refer to the rehabilitation guidelines
handout for the specific exercises.

If you have questions about these exercises,
call the Peripheral Vascular Surgery Clinic at
UW Health West Clinic Monday – Friday
8:00 am to 4:30 pm at (608) 263-8915 or

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