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Orthostatic Hypotension (7747)

Orthostatic Hypotension (7747) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Psychosocial, Bereavement, Psychiatry


Orthostatic Hypotension

This handout explains orthostatic hypotension. It can happen when there is a drop in blood pressure
caused by a change in position. You may be at higher risk of falling if you have this condition.

ξ Dizziness
ξ Weakness
ξ Not thinking clearly/confusion
ξ Blurred vision
ξ Headache
ξ Fainting
ξ Fatigue
ξ Nausea
ξ Rapid pulse

Risk factors
ξ Age
ξ Those who have been in bed for a
long time
ξ Some medicines
ξ Poor fluid intake
ξ Certain heart conditions

Keeping You Safe in the Hospital
ξ Ask for help before getting up.
ξ Get up slowly.
ξ Stay hydrated. Ask your health care
team if you have limits on how much
fluid you can drink.
ξ Raise the head of the bed 10-20

ξ Learn about your conditions and
ξ Ask your health care team about
walking in your room and the halls
to stay active.
ξ Do not take hot showers in the early
ξ Think about using a chair in the
ξ You may need to wear support
stockings to help with swelling in
your legs.
ξ Your blood pressure may be checked

It is also important that you are safe when
you go home. Be sure that you ask for help
as needed. Use equipment to help you move
around and in the shower if needed. Ask
your health care team about medicines that
put you at higher risk.

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