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Pediatric Grief and Bereavement Resources (7534)

Pediatric Grief and Bereavement Resources (7534) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Psychosocial, Bereavement, Psychiatry


Pediatric Grief and Bereavement Resources

These are suggestions for possible supports and resources for you and your family. If you need
additional information please contact your health care provider and/or the AFCH Pediatric
Palliative Care Team. Call (608) 263-6400 and ask the paging operator to page the on-call
provider for pediatric palliative care.
Dealing with Death, Dying and Grief – (http://www.uwhealthkids.org/pediatric-palliative-
Helping Your Child Deal with Death – (http://www.uwhealthkids.org/kidshealth/parents/positive-
Parenting and Grief – (http://blogs.uwhealth.org/kids/2015/05/parenting-and-grief/)
Talking with children about death and grief –
Reading suggestions for adults
Common reactions to grief and loss
Grief Net (http://www.griefnet.org) – An online community for persons dealing with grief, death and
major loss.
Open to Hope (http://opentohope.com/about-us/) - An online forum to support people who have
experienced loss: to help them cope with their pain, heal their grief and invest in their future.
The Compassionate Friends (http://www.compassionatefriends.org/home.aspx) - Providing Grief
Support After the Death of a Child - "The Compassionate Friends is about transforming the pain of grief
into the elixir of hope. It takes people out of the isolation society imposes on the bereaved and lets them
express their grief naturally. With the shedding of tears, healing comes. And the newly bereaved get to
see people who have survived and are learning to live and love again."

The Dougy Center – (http://www.dougy.org/) - The Dougy Center provides support in a safe place
where children, teens, young adults, and their families grieving a death can share their experiences.
Support in Wisconsin –
Agrace – Grief Support Groups and Resources - (www.agracehospicecare.org)
Rainbow Hospice – Greif Support and Resources - (http://www.rainbowhospicecare.org/)

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