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Health Insurance (8023)

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Health Insurance
We want you to know the basics about
health insurance as you become more
What is health insurance?
It is a kind of coverage that pays for medical
and surgical costs.
ξ Do you know what your health
insurance pays for?
ξ Do you keep a copy of your
insurance card with you?
Do I need it?
Yes! It pays for your:
ξ Clinic appointments
ξ Medicines
ξ Emergency care
ξ Hospitalizations.
Without it you pay these costs.
How do I get health insurance?
There are two main ways you can apply to
get insurance: Private or public.
ξ Private is through your or your
parent’s job
ξ Public is also known as Medicaid or
Medical Assistance. In Wisconsin
you receive a Forward Health Card.
There are rules if you apply for this
kind of insurance. You are asked
how much money you make and if
you have any assets: own anything
that is valuable. The rules change on
your 18th birthday. If you have
public insurance you need to apply
again when you are 18 years old.
What do I need to do?
Explore your options.
ξ Stay under your family’s private
health insurance plan.
ξ Student Health Plan through your
college or university.
ξ Insurance through your job if you are
working and qualify.
ξ Adult Disable Dependent Child
insurance is for young adults who are
paid for under a parent’s insurance
after age 26. Each company has
rules about how this works and what
it means to be a dependent.
ξ COBRA insurance is if you leave a
job with insurance and want to keep
it up to 18 months. This is an
expensive option.
ξ SSI/Disability is a public benefit that
has guidelines for eligibility.
ξ The open market place….
What should I know?
A lot of things affect the cost of health
insurance. Costs to think about:
ξ Co-pay: a cost you pay when you
get health care services.
ξ Co-Insurance: a percentage of the
cost of health care services that you
have to pay.
ξ Deductible: a dollar amount that you
pay out of pocket each year before
your health insurance pays.
ξ Premium: a dollar amount that you
pay to buy health insurance. This is
a monthly fee.

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