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ADHD Care Guidelines (7903)

ADHD Care Guidelines (7903) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Pediatrics, Parenting


ADHD Care Guidelines

 First Assessment
The initial assessment usually takes 1-2
visits that are 30-60 minutes each. For
children and many teens, the doctor may
suggest a parent-only visit first to review the
forms and talk about your concerns. A
second visit with the child or teen present is
then set up to do an initial exam, talk more,
and make a plan.

 First Phone Follow-up
You may receive a phone call 7-10 days
after starting medicine. Please feel free to
call sooner if you have questions.

 First Follow-up Visit
This is scheduled a few weeks after starting

 Ongoing Follow-up Visits
These visits are on an individual basis. Kids
need to be seen every 1 to 3 months at first.
As medicine is stabilized, visits may be
every 3-4 months. Once patients are on a
steady plan and responding well, they may
be able to be seen every 6 months.

 Well Care Visits
All kids being treated for ADHD have a
yearly check-up. This is often its own visit
to allow time for prevention and routine
care. If you would prefer to have a medicine
check on the same day, please let the office
know, so we can allow enough time to talk
about all of your needs.

 Refills Between Visits
Refills must be hand-signed paper
prescriptions each time. It is not legal to call
in or fax prescriptions for stimulant
medications. Paper prescriptions need to be
mailed or picked up. Please allow at least 7
to 10 days for refills to be processed and
mailed to your home or pharmacy of choice.
Allow 48 hours for prescriptions that will
be picked up from our office.

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