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What is a Pedometer?
Pedometers are a great way to keep track of your activity level. Today, there are many
choices for pedometers. There are very simple ones with basic functions to advanced ones
that fit with online or phone apps. Find a pedometer that best fits your child’s lifestyle so it
will fit into their daily routine.

How does it work?
In order to meet the goal of 60 minutes a day of movement, most research has
shown that kids over 6 years of age need at least 13,000 steps per day. Pedometers
can show active lifestyles along with structured physical activity. Just clip it on
your waist, wrist, or pocket and step away!

How many steps should I take each day?
Start by getting a pedometer for you and your child and see how many steps each of you take every day.
If you are close to 13,000 steps a day, just keep up the great work! If not, try to add:
ξ A half hour family walk
ξ A game of soccer or football in the backyard
ξ Sledding in the snow
You can also make it into a game by rewarding the person who gets the most steps in a week!

Below is a chart of some common pedometers out of the thousands you have to choose from.*
Name Price Where to Find Features
Free on
Free on most
App that tracks your steps through newer smartphones;
Also has a coaching feature to help you reach goals
throughout the day.
Sportline Walk
$5-$9 Amazon, Wal-
Mart, Sears
Tracks steps, distance and stride; Large display; Must be
clipped on waist.
Omron Tri-Axis
$10-$17 Amazon.com,
7 day memory; Counts steps, distance, and calories
burned; Can put in pocket.
GeoPalz $25-$56 Amazon,
Animal shaped pedometers; Track steps and distance;
Can be used with others online.
$36-$80 Amazon,
Office Depot
Full color touchscreen display that turns step counting
into a game with other owners; Able to transfer to a
computer; Counts steps, stairs and distance.
Fitbit $50-$130 Amazon, Kohls,
Best Buy, Wal-
Mart, Sears
Wireless syncing to phone and online account; Tracks
steps, distance, stairs, sleep, calories burned; Can also
track nutrition online including water intake; Very small.
*This is not an endorsement of certain brands, but examples of some pedometers you can buy.

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