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Letter to our Nursing Partners (7635)

Letter to our Nursing Partners (7635) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Pediatrics, Parenting


To Our Nursing Partners:

Research has shown that breast milk is crucial in preventing life threatening
complications in premature and compromised infants. We have asked your patient
to provide milk for her baby.
You play an important role in ensuring mom will have milk for her baby.
Here is a checklist of the critical tasks for helping mothers who are separated from
their newborns establish a milk supply:
ξ Start mom pumping within 6 hours of delivery.
ξ Encourage her to pump 8-12 times each 24 hours (every 2-3 hours, at least
once overnight)
ξ Arrange for mom to obtain a hospital grade rental pump to use at home.
ξ Save every drop! (See mom’s handout for AFCH storage guidelines.)
Thank you for helping provide mother’s milk for our hospitalized infants! Please
call the AFCH NICU (608-890-9600) or PICU (608-263-8049) if you have any
questions or concerns.
We look forward to partnering with you!

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