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Cleaning the Symphony Breast Pump (7563)

Cleaning the Symphony Breast Pump (7563) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Pediatrics, Parenting


Using and Cleaning the Symphony Breast Pump

You will have a hospital breast pump to use in
your baby’s room. If you want to use one of
the lactation rooms in the American Family
Children’s Hospital, your baby’s nurse will
show you where these rooms are. Your baby’s
nurse will give you a pump kit and storage
containers for your milk. The nurse will also
give you labels and show you how to write on
them the date and time that you pumped.

To use the hospital breast pump, please read
all of the instructions that go with the
Symphony® Breast Pump including the
original instructions and the simple ones
listed here. Note that the names given to the
parts may differ between these simplified
instructions and the original instructions.

Using the Symphony® Breast Pump

1. Push the small end of the breast shield into
the small (not threaded) end of the connector.

2. Snap the white membrane onto the yellow
valve until the membrane lies flat against the

3. Push the valve with attached membrane
onto the breast shield connector.

4. Screw the bottle onto the breast shield

5. Push the end of the tubing (with the
smaller hard yellow connector) into the
opening in the back of the breast shield

6. Push the end of the tubing (with the
longer, triangle-shaped connector) into the
small opening in the cap.

7. To unlock the case, press the oval release
button on top of the Symphony® Pump.
While you press the button, lift up on the
handle to open the case.

8. Push the cap onto the pumping button.
When it is in the right place, the cap should
snap on with the tubing connector lying inside
the groove on top of the pump housing.

9. Power the pump by connecting one end of
the power cord to a wall outlet and the other
end to the back of the pump. If a battery is
included, you may charge the battery and use

Cleaning Your Breast Pump

When you are done using your pump, it is
very important that you clean it. The parts of
your pump that touch your milk must be
cleaned after each time you pump, so germs
don’t get into your baby’s milk. Be sure to
wash your hands with warm water and soap
before you touch your clean pump pieces.

Which Pump Pieces Should I Clean?

You should clean everything that touches the

How do I Wash my Pump Pieces?

Use hot soapy water that has not been used to
wash any other dishes. Follow these steps:

1. Rinse each piece in cold water.

2. Use hot water, dish soap, and a bottle
brush to clean your pump parts.

3. Be sure to clean the parts that are hard to
reach. These parts include the bottom and
sides of the collection bottle (if you are
not pumping right into a storage
container), the narrow “tunnel” part of the
breast shield, the small grooves in the
piece that connects to the breast shield,
and the spot that holds the tiny white
plastic membrane.

4. Use warm water to rinse the soap off all
of the parts.

5. Place them on a clean paper towel and let
them air dry.

How do I Sanitize my Breast Pump Pieces
Once a Day?

We will give you a special bag to use in the
microwave in the hospital lactation room or at
home to sanitize the breast pump pieces
(except the tubing which does not need to be
cleaned unless milk has gotten into it – if this
is the case, the sanitizing instructions differ
slightly). Each bag can be used for 20
cleanings. Please tell your baby’s nurse when
you need a new bag. Follow these steps:

1. Wash your pump pieces.

2. Put all of the clean pump parts (except the
tubing) into the bag.

3. Add 2 ounces of water and tightly close
the bag.

4. Follow the instructions on the Quick
Clean™ Micro-Steam ™ bag and put it in
the microwave.

5. When the microwave stops, the Quick
Clean™ Micro-Steam ™ bag will be hot,
and hot steam may be coming out of a
small hole in the side. Use a towel or an
oven mitt to take it out. Be careful –
don’t spill hot water on your skin.

6. Remove the pump parts and put them on
paper towels to air dry.

7. Only wash tubing if milk is present or
tubing is soiled. You do not need to
clean tubing if there is moisture from
the air or an earlier washing.

Steps to Wash tubing:
ξ Wash tubing with warm soapy water.
ξ Rinse tubing with clear water.
ξ Hang to air dry.
ξ Shake drops of water from the tubing
and let the pump run with the tubing
attached until dry.

It is not recommended to micro-steam

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