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Understanding Your Heart Health 8-10 Years (7470)

Understanding Your Heart Health 8-10 Years (7470) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Pediatrics, Parenting


Understanding Your Heart Health
8-10 years

It is important for you to start to understand your heart diagnosis and what this means for you.
The Cardiology team will begin to ask you questions (instead of your parents) about how you are
feeling, and any changes you have noticed. We will help you to understand your heart and about
the medicines you take and why. We will also help you learn how to keep your heart and body

Your goals:

 Begin to learn how the heart works
 Begin to understand why we check your heart
 Name your medicines and why you need to take them (simple explanation)
 Begin to learn the tests that are done and why
 Begin to learn heart healthy eating and nutrition and why this is important
 Talk about exercise and activity
 Learn the importance of brushing and flossing your teeth and visiting the dentist to keep
your teeth healthy and how this keeps your heart healthy

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