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Your Independent Care Session (7407)

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Your Independent Care Session

How will I know if am ready to do my Independent Care Session?

Our goal is to help you to feel confident about taking your child home from the hospital.
The independent care session is your chance to show yourself all you have learned. Your
child’s nurse will work with you to schedule the session. Although the goal of the
session is for you to feel comfortable doing the cares at home, you will not be alone. We
are here to give you support and answer any questions you have.

You are ready to schedule your session after your training is complete and you have had
time to practice what you learned.

This includes:

ξ Giving medicines or feedings your child needs.
ξ Doing therapies your child needs at home.
ξ Using equipment your child needs at home.

Getting Ready

Before you do your independent care session, be sure you know the information on this

ξ Medicines: What are the medicines my child takes and what time does he take
them? Who is my child’s nurse and pharmacist to ask for help if I have

ξ Feedings: What is the method of feeding, type of food and times he receives the
feedings? Who is my child’s nurse to ask for help if I have questions?

ξ What is my child’s routine? Who is my child’s nurse to ask for help if I have

ξ Does my child have any special care needs? Who is my child’s nurse to ask for
help if I have questions?

ξ Does my child have any home equipment? If yes, how do I trouble shoot alarms
or problems with it? Who is my child’s nurse and equipment vendor to ask for
help if I have questions?

What do I do during the Independent Care Session?

You do all of your child’s care that you will be doing at home. This may include any of
the things on this list.

 Medicines
 Feedings
 Routine child care such as bathing and teeth brushing
 Use of home equipment
 Troubleshooting and responding to alarms on home equipment
 Responding to unexpected situations
 Interacting and playing with your child in a developmentally appropriate way

You need to ask for your child’s medicines and supplies. Ask for help with cares that
take more than one person. You may sleep during your independent care session, but you
are expected to provide care for your child and respond to any of your child’s
equipment that has alarms. You may have time away from your child for meals or
short breaks. If you leave the room during the session you need to let your child's nurse

Let us know if there is anything you need to make your independent care session a

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