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Keeping your Child Safe with Oral Care While on a Ventilator - FAQs (7169)

Keeping your Child Safe with Oral Care While on a Ventilator - FAQs (7169) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Pediatrics, Parenting


Keeping your Child Safe While on a Ventilator
Frequently Asked Questions

What is ventilator associated pneumonia?
Ventilator associated pneumonia can happen
when a child is on a ventilator. It is due to
many reasons.
 The body is stressed.
 Medicines we are giving may
change the normal bacteria in the
 The hospital setting is different.

What do we do to prevent these
 When medically appropriate, we
keep the head of the bed up.
 We suction your child’s mouth.
 We brush your child’s teeth.
 We may reduce the acid in your
child’s stomach.
Why do we do oral care so often?
Teeth can hold onto bacteria that may cause
the normal mouth bacteria to change. Oral
care often can decrease this.

Why do you do it while my child is
sleeping? We
want to prevent infection, so we do this
throughout the day and night. If you have
concerns, please talk to your nurse about

Do I need to do this so often when we go
No. Your home setting is different. You
would follow your normal routines unless
your doctor or dentist tells you something
special needs to be done.

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