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How to Choose a Doctor for Your Baby (7018)

How to Choose a Doctor for Your Baby (7018) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Pediatrics, Parenting


How to Choose a Doctor for Your Baby

Who can treat or care for babies?

ξ Pediatrician- a person trained in
childhood illnesses and normal
growth and development.
ξ Family practitioner- a doctor who
treats patients of all ages and can
treat anyone in the family.
ξ Nurse practitioner- a person trained
in graduate school to provide care for
common childhood illnesses. They
are also trained in normal growth and

Here is a list of suggestions about how to
choose a health care provider for your

 Ask your insurer for a list of
approved providers.
 Call your local hospital or clinic for
a list of providers accepting new
 Ask family and friends for
 Review information about providers
 You can set up a consultation before
your baby is born. Check to see if
there is a fee for this visit.

If you set up a consultation here are some
questions and tips for that visit.

 Where did you do your training?
 How long have you been in practice?
 Do you practice by yourself or with a
 With which hospitals are you
 What insurance plans do you accept?
 What are your office hours? Who do
I call after hours?
 What is your office policy about
phone calls? For example, if I call
with a medical question how will my
call be handled and by whom?
 How do you and your office handle
 What happens when you are not
available or not on call?
 What is the average waiting time for
an appointment?
 What are your views on breast and
bottle feeding?
 Do you have a lactation consultant
on staff? How do I access that
person as a new mother?
 Are there separate well baby and sick
baby areas in your waiting room?
 Tell me about your staff and their
 Does your office offer any special
services or classes for new patients?
 Come early and sit in the waiting
room to check out the atmosphere.
Watch how the staff relates to the

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself
after the consultation.

 Would I be able to ask this person
any question, no matter how silly it
might seem?
 Did I feel comfortable talking with
this person and the office staff?
 Is the staff friendly and efficient?

 Is the office easy to get to? Is the
staff easy to reach in case of
 Is the office friendly to children and
 Does this care provider share my
philosophy of parenting?

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