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Pediatric Anal Fissure/Fistulotomy/Sphincterotomy Surgery (6808)

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Pediatric Anal Fissure/Fistulotomy/Sphincterotomy Surgery

What is an anal fissure?
An anal fissure is a tear in the skin inside the
anal canal. When this skin is torn, you may
have pain with each bowel movement and
pass bright red blood.

What is a sphincterotomy?
Sphincterotomy allows a fissure or fistula to
heal. A small part of the anal sphincter
muscle is cut to open the anal canal. This
relieves pressure when you move your
bowels and allows a fissure to heal.

What is a fistula?
An infection of the gland inside the anus can
cause it to fill with pus. This is an abscess.
After an abscess is drained, there may be a
tunnel from the anus to the skin. This is a
fistula. It can cause pain, fever, and

What is a fistulotomy?
A fistulotomy is surgery to open a fistula
and allow it to heal.

After Surgery
Rectal Care
ξ Give your child a sitz bath at least 2-
4 times a day and after each bowel
movement. This will help decrease
the pain of rectal spasms and aid
healing. Sit in a bathtub of warm
water for about 10 minutes.
ξ Avoid hard wiping of the anal area
for the first few days. Do not use
toilet paper, instead, use alcohol-free
baby wipes or plain moist wash
ξ Your child may have reddish-yellow
drainage from the rectum for at least
7-14 days.
Pain Medicine
The doctor may order pain medicine for
your child.

Avoid constipation while your child is
taking pain medicine. Your child may need
to take a stool softener such as Miralax® to
prevent constipation. These will help the
stool pass more easily.

When to call the doctor
ξ Large amount of bright red blood
from the rectum that does not stop
with pressure to the rectum for 10
ξ Temperature over 100.4ºF for 2
readings taken 4 hours apart. Take
your child’s temperature once a day
for a week.

Phone Numbers
Pediatric Surgery Clinic: (608) 263-6420,
option 1, Mon-Fri 8:00 am-4:30 pm

After hours, holidays and weekends, this
will give you the paging operator. Ask for
the doctor on call for Dr. _____________.
Leave your name and phone number with
the area code. The doctor will call you

Toll Free: 800-323-8942

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