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Pediatric Sweat Test (5634)

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Pediatric Sweat Test

Your child is scheduled for a sweat test

on ___________________________________ at ________________________.

The sweat test is done in the Pediatric
Specialty Clinic at American Family
Children’s Hospital, 1675 Highland Ave,
Madison, WI. Please arrive 15 minutes
before your clinic visit and stop at the
registration desk when you arrive. If you
need to reschedule the test, please call the
American Family Children’s Hospital
schedulers at 608-263-6420 and select
option #2.

What is a sweat test?
A sweat test is done to test for cystic
fibrosis. During the sweat test, a small
amount of sweat is collected from the
forearms. The amount of salt (chloride) in
the sweat is measured. A sweat test is done
when a patient has symptoms of cystic
fibrosis (CF), a family history of CF, or
when a newborn has a positive screening
test. If the sweat test is being done after a
newborn screening, you will meet with a
genetic counselor during this visit.

How is a sweat test done?
Two electrodes are placed on your child’s
forearm for five minutes. These cause the
sweat glands to produce sweat. This
produces a mild tingling feeling, but is not
painful. A collector is placed on the arm to
collect the sweat. Once the sweat is
collected it is taken to the lab for testing.

Will it matter what my child has to eat or
drink before the test?
No, diet will not affect the sweat test results.
What if my child is taking antibiotics or
other medicines?
Your child should keep taking medicines as

What if my child has a fever or a rash?
If your child has a fever or rash, please
contact the sweat test coordinator at the
number on the reverse side of this page.

Will I stay with my child during the test?
Yes, parents stay with the child. This test is
not painful. It will help if children have
something to keep them busy (such as a
pacifier, bottle, special toy, or book) during
the test. There is a play area in the waiting
room for toddlers.

How long will the test take?
It takes about one hour to complete the
sweat test. If your child is having the sweat
test after newborn screening, the visit will
take about 2 hours because you will meet
with the genetic counselor after the sweat
test is started.

When will the results be ready?
Results are ready about one hour after the
sweat test. Test results are sent to your
child’s provider. You can call your
provider’s office to obtain the results. If
your child is having the sweat test after
newborn screening the genetic counselor
will give you results, and test results will
also be sent to your child’s provider.

Who can I call if I have questions?
For scheduling questions call:
American Family Children’s Hospital
schedulers – (608) 263-6420 option #2

For questions about the sweat test call:
Pediatric Pulmonary Office/Cystic Fibrosis
Center - (608) 262-0340.

For questions about newborn screening call:
Genetic Counselor at (608) 262-6228.

How do I get to American Family
Children’s Hospital?
If you’re coming from the south of Madison
on highways 12/18 (Beltline Highway) take
Midvale Boulevard north to University Ave
and turn right. If you are coming from the
west, find your way to University Ave and
go east on University Ave. Take University
Ave. to University Bay Drive (traffic lights).
Turn left onto University Bay Drive. Watch
for signs indicating patient and visitor
parking at the main entrance of the
American Family Children’s Hospital.

If you are coming from the east, find your
way to University Ave. Stay on University
Ave until it merges with Campus Drive.
When University Ave splits off to the left
you should keep to the right and merge onto
Campus Drive. Then turn right on
University Bay Drive. Watch for patient
and visitor parking signs at the main
entrance of the American Family Children’s

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