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Orthopedic Clinic Preoperative Check List for Hip Replacement At The American Center (7790)

Orthopedic Clinic Preoperative Check List for Hip Replacement At The American Center (7790) - Clinical Hub, Patient Education, Health and Nutrition Facts For You, Orthopedics



Orthopedic Clinic Preoperative Check List for Hip Replacement
at The American Center

To: ___________________________________________________
Your surgery is scheduled on: ___________________________________
Your Orthopedic Pre-Surgical Visits are scheduled for: __________________

Orthopedic Clinic Preoperative Check List

______ Meet with a Physician Assistant in the Orthopedic Clinic.

______ Patient Education about total joint replacement surgery - you will be
scheduled for one of these:
____ Joint 101 class (the Orthopedic staff will tell you where the
room is for this class)
______ Speak with a Social Worker (this may be done prior to your clinic visit).

______ Make a post-op appointment at the Orthopedic Clinic.

Please come for your visits at your scheduled time. The visits may take 1-3 hours.
Feel free to eat before you come. Also, please take your normal medicines.

Please read your Patient’s Guide to Total Hip Replacement booklet to help you
prepare for your clinic visits. Please write down any questions you have and bring
them with your booklet to your clinic visits.

If you can’t keep an appointment, please call the Orthopedic Clinic at
(608) 263-7540.


Things to bring with you:
 Your insurance information
 Your HMO referral, if needed
 A list of your medicines, including
name, dose, frequency and any
herbs and natural remedies
 Pre-operative Folder Information
 A copy of your POA, if you have

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